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May 13 2016

Dancing the way to ECE 2016

Ljiljana Marina, EYES Committee member


Dr. Ljiljana Marina is a Clinical Assistant of Internal Medicine at Belgrade University. Her primary areas of research are Adrenal and Reproductive endocrinology. She is a member of European Young Endocrine Scientists (EYES), a committee dedicated to advancing the causes of early-career endocrinologists. In this post, Ljiljana describes what she hopes to get out of ECE 2016.





How will you make the most of the Congress?

Every year, we all look forward to the European Congress of Endocrinology (ECE), the major event in the life of an endocrinologist. There really is no true advice on how to make the most of it, but I usually plan what I would like to listen to. When deciding between topics, I try to look beyond my typical area of interest and follow research topics which I’m not regularly in contact with – this gives me a really good overview of all of the different parts of endocrinology and reminds me of what an incredibly varied field I work in.


What makes ECE special?

What is especially beautiful about ECE is the warm welcome new endocrinologists receive from members of the European Society of Endocrinology (ESE). ECE really opens the door to meeting your peers in person and sharing experiences with your colleagues from all over the globe, many of who you will know for years to come. Furthermore, being a part of European Young Endocrine Scientists (EYES) gives you an opportunity to network and expand your knowledge in a friendly and engaging atmosphere.


What sessions are you most looking forward to?

Well, I am obviously excited to attend the EYES session! We are happy to continue to be a part of ECE and we are really pleased to announce another session this year, with talks from four talented young endocrine scientists:

The theme of our session this year is dancing, and we’ll be moving to the rhythm of EYES! The session takes place on Monday 30 May and will be Symposium no. 15. Get ready for the Microbiome waltz; Chemokine receptor CXCR4 & adrenal tango; Jive analysis of acromegaly and bone turnover; and the belly dance of maternal thyroid and placenta.

And as a perfect closure to our dance journey we invite you to join us at the EYES social event on Monday 30 May which is being held at the Lebenslust Schwabing, Erich-Kästner-Str. 14/Ecke Herzogstr from 20:00.


See you there!

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